I am making this temp page to help those of you figure out some of the headaches I learned the hard way. The time I learned all of this Wikia's help section needed more help than I did and virtually very little of it worked.

Because of Wikia being in the state it is in, one thing you should know, if you don't already. The editor pop up windows show all black with a fill text fields and drop downs. This is due to the black background of the MA wiki and Wikia's failure to force that text to be white. You can either highlight the text to see it like you would selecting a paragraph or you can edit the page by the "Source" which is what I ended up doing mostly.

Wikia felt they needed to reinvent the wheel and thus "Wikia.css" was born. Yes, they had to invent thier own css code for whatever reasons and it's simple yet confusing if you have never used this site before...

In the "Source" tab photos and links appear very similiar, everything is wrapped in double brackets on each side of the code, like [ [ stuff goes here ] ] except there are no spaces.

To insert and adjust a photo's setting without it showing as a in frame paste job like this...



You will have to insert your phots via source code. Now this only happens when you choose your photos to be full size, add a caption and/or link to your photo's. To escape that look and have it all, simply insert into your page via source code option this, [ [File:Name of Picture.extension|link=Http:// OR "Just Name of Page on Wikia" To Make a Photo a link|Insert Caption Here] ]

Again, No spaces.

Which will get you the non framed picture with Caption and/or Link. Just so there's no confusion it again will look like this, [ [File:Name.Extension | link=Http or Name of Page | Caption Here] ]

No spaces between the brackets or text.

Don't forget to add in the | inbetween each section (without spaces), leave a section out of you don't need it.

Links are the same way however they only appear as, [ [ Text Here ] ] (No spaces)

To add a caption just do [ [ Text Here|Caption Here ] ] If your linking to an outside of Wikia Source then do, [ [Link Text Here|link=http|Caption] ]

Oh and yes the "link=" has to be a lowercase L

I'll add more to this as I gather it myself, but hope this helps someone who was stuck like I was adding images and links to a Wikia's Page.