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The Marine Shop was the first shop introduced into Marine Arena.

The Marine Shop can be activated by Marines, or any ground Mercenary, it gives control to the first play who comes in contact with it.

It is now based on dominance, so the player with the most units nearby it will gain control of it. Meaning, if you have 3 units next to it and you own it, and your ally bring 5 units next to it, he gains control.

Whats in the Shop?[]

The Marine Shop holds various extra Marine Upgrades, the Gas and Savior Exchange, Destroy Mercenary Structures ability, and currently houses the extra Hero Upgrades as well (Due to lack of Hero Shop).

The Marine Shop was originally called and intended to be an Ability Shop, that held various Arena affecting abilities, the first two were "Stop Marine Spawning" and "Destroy all Mercenary Structures". However, it was changed to the Marine Shop when more Marine upgrades were added.

Observers can also be purchased in the Marine Shop. Shortly after the Unit Shop was added, they were moved to the Unit Shop. Due to popular demand, they were moved back to the Marine Shop since the Unit Shop cannot be accessed in Squad Mode, and Observers were voted as an extremely vital unit for skilled players who require extra vision of the battlefield.