Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer

Hunter Killers spawn in groups of 3 initiallt for 475 minerals and 100 per hunter. (so if one dies, you can revive only that one for 100 minerals or 200 for 2, etc...) They are EXTREMELY powerful offensively, but lack large numbers of HP. the damage is 35 unupgraded per hunter (+10 per hero attack upgrade) in a decent sized AoE attack. A good strategy is to buy hunters then buy +1 as your first upgrade to 1-shot marines in AoE. However, Hunterkillers have a rather low number of health and will die very quickly without support and can be focus fired down almost instantly if they are at the front/middle of your army. Another threat is commandos as they can use snipe and 1-shot hunters and pick them off quicky. Defensively, they can move while burrowed, but it is not particurally fast and without protection expect them to be scanned. Upgrades at the middle shops, upgrading the hunters will increase damage by 5, upgrade range, rate of fire, move speed (including burrowed), and HP. Once fully upgraded, it is possible to attack an enemy merc compound from the highground around the Xel Naga towers.


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